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Our History 

Divine Home, in business since 1996, is one of the largest Altar manufacture in Asia .We design and manufacture prayer altars and wooden doors according to the need of our customer. Over the years we have customers from all over the world, Malaysia, Singapore, Europe, India, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and United States to name a few. We have vast experience in shipping worldwide by air and sea depending on the size and weight of the goods. Our fast delivery which is efficient on date and safe arrival is the highlight of our service.

Our Speciality

Divine Home is dedicated to bringing customers the best selections of Altars worldwide. Our altars are specially designed and crafted by skilled craftsmen using carefully selected seasoned high grade timber and other quality of raw materials. Latest handicraft techniques are used while maintaining the ancient traditional concept and design. All our products bring the best quality and it is Heat, Oil and Water resistant. Our range of hundreds of altars brings 100% satisfaction guarantee, which is an oasis of silence and peace, a place of spiritual comfort and inspiration.Our customers will find our range of altars that is perfect for their home and office.

Significance of Pooja Sets

The ancient Indians designated an important part of the home as a sacred section where they retreat before each dawn to commune with the Supreme Being, the centre of the Spiritual Force is called Devatarchanam. Love, Joy and prosperity come to a Hindu Family who worships in their homes through Poojas where the divine energies are invoked. The home shrine is also the focus point for private and group prayers. The place should be meticulously kept like a temple through which whole household will be charged with Spiritual Vibration. We can go to a temple or church on a regular basis and pray, but daily prayers is most easily conducted with an altar at your living or home. A home altar is a more personal place of worship including those elements that represent the sacred to everyone of us. A deeper connection is much possible when we worship alone in the quiet of our altar, with our Creator. An altar at home connects the Almighty within where we live, eat and sleep with the Universal Power and Energy. It reinforces spirituality into our everyday lives.

DIVINE HOME brings peace and the prosperity to your HOMES!