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Pioneers in the Hindu Altar industry

The legend goes on...The birth of traditional family business goes all the way back to the 1940’s. The father of the present founder of this business came from a family of carpentry ancestors. He was involved in making customized altars for the needs of the local folks in a small town.


Mr. Sundram, the founder of “Divine Home” changed the family business into now the worlds largest supplier of Hindu prayer altars. The business was set up in 1972. Primary aim to serve the Hindu community and at the same time providing employment opportunities to many families. Mr Sundram is a Mechanical Engineer by profession and is backed by years of furniture manufacturing experience while employed as a production manager in a reputable company catering for international buyers.

Our Dream

We believe that our contribution could make the world a better place live in peace, harmony and prosperity- The only way known way is spiritual enlightenment. We believe, every home should have a prayer altar where the family can retreat in the mornings and evenings to commune with the almighty. The continuous practice of offering the poojas and prayers will enlighten our younger generation about our true believes and religious greatness. This helps in preventing them from deviating into the wrong paths.


Divine Home ® pooja altars is readily available world wide to serve our customers. Its a household name in countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and expanding rapidly into other countries as well.

Our Company

The head office, manufacturing, designing and R&D is located in Seremban, Malaysia. We now employ more than 100 employees including designers and skilled craftsman from India and Malaysian professionals.


Company’s Recognition

  • Member of the Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers
  • Malaysian Furniture Council
  • Malaysian Timber Board
  • Malaysian Hindu Sangam
  • Malaysian Industrial Development Authority

Our Strength

We are committed in producing world class prayers altars of the highest quality standards, using the best raw materials and skilled craftsmen. We are equipped with the latest CNC machines and qualified personnel's to produce the best prayer altars.

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